Government Calls for Flatbed Trailer Safety

Government Calls for Flatbed Trailer Safety

Government Calls for Flatbed Trailer Safety

The government has urged the industry to pay more attention to flatbed trailer safety.

WorkCover NSW has issued a safety alert regarding falls from flatbed trucks and trailers, reminding drivers that they need to stay on the ground unless they have the right equipment.

The New South Wales safety authority have released a video on flatbed trailer safety which is being promoted in the latest RMS issued Road Freight Matters bulletin, following a number of incidents involving drivers falling from trailers.

WorkCover NSW stated:

“Falls from flatbed trucks are usually serious, and sometimes fatal, but there are several ways to stay safe while loading and unloading flatbeds,”


Both large and small businesses need to keep the following safety tips in mind,

During loading and unloading, remain on the ground

Utilise equipment to assist with loading

Arrange the load beforehand to suit the equipment

Make sure you pre-sling the load

Use load restraints that are accessible from the ground

Ensure a temporary platform or guard rail is in place. Alternatively you can use a retractable ladder or step with handrails.

Use travel restraints or a fall arrest system

The article on goes on to describe one successful trailer design that other operators can learn from.

The award winning extendable flat top was created by OneSteel and Maxitrans and has a gap-less walkway which folds into place as the trailer extends.

This design differs from others in that it doesn’t have the large gaps in the extension that most trailers do, as a result drivers and others can walk between each deck of the trailer if necessary, while the risk of falling between the gaps is eliminated.

Also included in the latest Road Freight Matters bulletin is information on improved truck access; streamlined registration and licensing; low loader licensing; compliance; and a “Speed Adviser” smartphone app. 

Watch WorkSafe’s Trailer Safety Video here: