Speeding truck driver on methadone jailed

Photo: Jonathan Ng courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald

On January 24, 2012 Vincent George, 34, killed Calvyn Logan, 59, and his parents Donald and Patricia Logan, both in their 80s, when when his B-double veered across the Hume Highway and collided with their Ford Mondeo.

As a result of the accident, George’s employer, Lennons Transport, was forced to ground all its vehicles. The incident also sparked a state-wide crackdown on the illegal tampering of speed limiters.

On the day of the accident, George was high on illegally obtained methadone, had been driving for the past 22 hours with a break of only 4½ hours and was speeding.

Judge Stephen Hanley said George had been driving trucks for 17 years and “must have been fully aware of the responsibility and duty of care he owed to other users of the road”.  It was also noted that George had lost his licence five times, had several speeding offences and often falsified his log books.

George, who lied about his drug use tried to blame the crash on an L-plater in front of him. This was rejected by the judge. His guilty plea to three charges of dangerous driving occasioning death were rejected by the Crown, instead he was convicted of three manslaughter charges and sentenced to 17 years in jail with a non-parole period of 12 years and nine months.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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