Trailer Safety Alert issued in response to NSW coronial recommendation

Towing trailers  using plant not designed to tow   Safety alert

Magistrate Murray of the Albury Coroner’s Court issued a recommendation to WorkCover NSW (WorkCover) following the death of Michael McIntyre on 17 October 2012 at Tumbarumba, NSW, who was crushed by a trailer he was working under. Intending to tow the trailer using a crane, suspending the front of the trailer from the crane using chains. While underneath the trailer, the brakes were released and the trailer moved forward which resulted in the landing leg folding back to its travelling position. As a result, the front of the trailer crashed down onto Mr McIntyre, fracturing his leg and spine, and crushing his chest.

WorkCover NSW, having completed the development of a safety alert in consultation with manufacturers of these trailers, has issued an alert with consideration of the Coronial Inquest findings.  The alert highlights potential risks relating to releasing the brakes of a trailer when it is not connected to a prime mover, towing a trailer with plant that is not designed to tow, as well as the use the landing legs.

The full alert can be viewed here.

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