TCA Says Onboard Mass System Specification will Improve Consistency and Accuracy

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has released its On-Board Mass (OBM) System Functional and Technical Specification recently, designed to help achieve consistency and accuracy through performance based open standards and performance of OBM systems that satisfy industry and regulatory requirements.

According to CEO Chris Koniditsiotis, one of the main purposes is to create an ability to use OBM system to support future road access and productivity moves.

Mr Koniditsiotis says that as transport operators continue to adopt OBM systems to manage commercial obligations, mass compliance and chain of responsibility requirements, its important to have the assurance of OBM systems.

He went on to explain that the ability to obtain assurance in the measurement of vehicle mass, as well as individual axle groups gives us a new way of managing infrastructure utilisation and provides an opportunity for greater productivity, as well as improved safety within the road network.

Requirements for physical characteristics, environmental characteristics, functionality, record generation, data collection, data storage, data security and transfer, interconnection to a telematics in-vehicle unit, installation, calibration, operation and maintenance and provision of OBM system for type approval.

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