Horror Crash Involving Truck and 3 Cars

Photo: TheAge.com.au

A crash on the Monash Freeway involving a truck and 3 cars was apparently caused by confusion due to road markings, the driver says.

The truck driver claims to have become confused by the road markings moments before the crash, which injured 3 women.

One of the injured, a 40 year old woman was trapped in a car for half an hour with neck and back injuries. She was taken to the Alfred Hospital after miraculously surviving her car being severely crushed.

The other 2 women were treated for minor injuries at the scene before being taken to Dandenong Hospital in a stable condition.

The truck driver said he became confused by the yellow and white lines painted on the road, part of widening works on the freeway. He only looked up to see the traffic in front of him had stopped seconds before the impact.

While police are investigating the accident, they said the painted lines on the road are not a cause for concern.

The 54 year old truck driver will most likely be charged.

Source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/monash-freeway-crash-at-stud-road/news-story/400e765cdbb087ce0153e7aa960ae847