ATA's Christopher Melham

TMC 2015 to Address Heavy Vehicle Defects

ATA's Christopher Melham

ATA’s Christopher Melham. Image source:

The 2015 PACCAR and Dealer TMC will be taking place in October and the first session is going to be held on October 26th with a major topic of discussion being heavy vehicle roadworthiness defects, according to the Australian Trucking Association (ATA).

In a recent post on the Prime Mover Mag website, the ATA’s chief executive Christopher Melham explained the importance of consistency across all jurisdictions. He explained that members of the trucking industry, through workshops should be kept well informed of the standards so that they can comply, because currently there is a lot of confusion. As he stated this wasn’t helping road safety or the red tape burden on road transport companies. He went on to explain:

“We’ve all heard of cases where the same roadworthiness requirement is interpreted differently by jurisdictions or inspectors, leading to confusion,”

“Safety is our highest priority on the road. But the trucking industry’s workshops need to know exactly what the standards are, in order for them to keep their fleet in top shape.”


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Full delegate registration for TMC is still $495 and includes all program sessions. Mr Melham also explained that a special roadworthiness workshop would be held to address the issue.

“In this session, TMC delegates can bring their questions and constructively discuss these issues with a panel of senior inspectors from three states, so we can work on our common goal of improving road safety.” 

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The first session to be held ‘What inspectors and operators see’ will take place on Monday 26 October from 1:15pm – 2:30pm at the Kangan Institute in Docklands, Melbourne.

Another useful session which will be held on the first day of the event focuses on ‘National Roadworthiness Reforms’.

On the second day there are a number of useful sessions to be held including one on ‘Training staff to do daily checks’

On the final day of the workshop, delegates will attend sessions on ‘Truck and trailer brake compatibility’, ‘Efficient workshops and the right tools’ and ‘Basic Brake Maintenance’, among other useful product sessions.

There will also be numerous technical sessions, compliance forums, and product training workshop sessions.  There will also be a program stream focusing on compliance with the new National Heavy Vehicle Inspection manual.

Attendance to the PACCAR Parts Fun Night and the Castrol Vecton Awards Dinner is also included in the registration cost. You can get more information about the event here.