Worst Australian Roads – Bruce Highway Tops the List

Source: Pixabay.com

According to more than 100 truck drivers questioned in 2017, the Bruce Highway in Queensland is the most treacherous to drive on.

More than half of the truckies questioned said the Bruce Highway was their most challenging road to travel on.

Of the truckies questioned, 75 per cent were from Queensland and 25 per cent from interstate.

The Bruce Highway section between Mackay and Sarina was the ninth most dangerous in a list released last December.

One of the worst things about the highway according to truck drivers was the roadworks. They say it holds them up by about half and hour to an hour just in the Mackay and Sarina section, with even more roadworks a little further down the road.

Drivers also expressed the opinion that no amount of government funding would get the route up to scratch, instead extra careful driving would be needed. Read more at https://www.bigrigs.com.au/news/alf-says-bruce-highway-top-of-worst-highways/3284540/