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CoR Compliance Email Update – 9th December 2016

Welcome to your weekly CoR Compliance Email Update! This update will help you to keep up to date with the Chain of Responsibility laws that govern the transport and logistics industry.

Industry and legislation updates

TWU Slams Fatigue Research as NTC Adds Details

With the industry chronically under-researched, the alliance will seek evidence on the impact of work scheduling practices on heavy vehicle driver fatigue, and the quality and quantity of drivers’ sleep during minimum rest periods.

Dangerous Goofs update Approaching

It is encouraging industry and business owners to prepare for the launch of edition 7.5 of the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail, which will come into effect on March 1.

Chain of Responsibility amendments pass

NHVR Acting CEO Ray Hassall said the amendments to the Law are a welcomed improvement and will be critical for a more robust heavy vehicle industry.

News updates

Truck blitz bites during harvest

A Blitz on Victoria’s grain truck fleet is resulting in large numbers of trucks being declared unroadworthy for what many growers suggest are minor infractions.

Recycled Tyres Promise Emissions-Reducing Bio-Oil

New research from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has highlighted the potential of recycled tyres to form an emissions-reducing bio-oil.

Truckie lucky to be alive after fleeing burning vehicle on M5

A Truck Driver is lucky to be alive after his truck burst into flames on the M5 overnight and there are long delays this morning as the cleanup continues.

Sterle Promises Driver Licensing Probe Pressure

Senator Glenn Sterle will keep plugging away at the state of truck driver licensing and its oversight as he looks forward to another year of the Senate inquiry he chairs.

Weekly CoR implementation tip

Does your organisation have the CoR Policy?

It is important for every organisation that is part of the chain of responsibility, to have a clear, articulated commitment to the chain of responsibility that provides clear direction for employees. This is best achieved through a specific CoR Policy.

The key components of a CoR Policy include:

  • a commitment statement to chain of responsibility legislation and responsibilities
  • a strategy to achieve this, for example, adopting a proactive risk management approach to CoR
  • an outline of the general responsibilities for each member of the chain of responsibility within the organisation

If you have subscribed to our full access subscription, you have access to the full suite of CoR Framework templates consisting of 59 policies, procedures and tools that are ready to implement into your workplace. If you would like to upgrade your subscription, just call us on 1300 362 226.

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