ESC Great but Don’t Forget The Importance of Matching Truck and Trailer Systems – ATA Warns


Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is great, but don’t forget the importance of matching truck and trailer systems, that is the message from the ATA.

According to the ATA, ESC is a great, life-saving technology however there are concerns about incompatibility issues between trucks and trailers’ braking systems.

The ATA is advocating for mandatory ESC in all new truck and trailer models as of 2019.

Currently the lesser technology of ABS (anti-lock braking) is mandatory on new trucks and trailers.

If the truck has a smart braking system and the trailer has none, this could create a safety issue itself.

One example of the safety issues possible is when stamping on the brakes in an emergency, the truck may stop but the trailer may not stop as quickly and this could cause a jack-knife incident.

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