Heavy Vehicle Dual Fuel Trialed

Duel-fuel technology for heavy vehicles has been trialed by Unigas, Prins Autogassystemen and CMV Truck & Bus.

Over a 2 year period the trials returned positive results in both operational and environmental aspects.

The positive results have led to the Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Unigas and partners looking for steps to develop an Australian compliance model that will facilitate the adoption of an engine system that runs on both diesel and LPG.

The trial involved CMV Truck & Bus installing the Prins Diesel Blend 2.1 technology in 2 Rivet trucks with LPG substituting diesel on an energy basis, maintaining engine power and torque.

Truck operators will benefit from the reduction in total operating costs.



Producers say this technology can help the trucking industry reduce emissions and operating costs while maintaining safety standards. See more at https://www.bigrigs.com.au/news/heavy-vehicle-dual-fuel-trialled-in-australia/3279703/