Insurer Says Education Key to Driver Shortfall Solution

Trucking insurer National Transport Insurance (NTI) supports NatRoads program to address the heavy vehicle transport and logistics skills shortage and called on all industry bodies to collaborate on a solution.

The NTI’s general manager commercial Mike Edmonds said the key is to focus on increasing diversity and reducing barriers to entry into the industry.

Australian Trucking Association (ATA) chair Geoff Crouch said governments must match the commitment from industry by upgrading truck driver licensing after a review of the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Framework found that training and assessment standards were inadequate.

For example he highlighted that the existing Heavy Rigid licensing unit doesn’t cover key safety skills such as driving down steep descents and avoiding skids.

He said that if goverments improved truck driver licensing, it would improve safety and attract more new drivers who would view the occupation as a safe, attractive option.  Find out more: