Man Killed While Unloading at Chinchilla Transport Yard

Police attended the scene of a workplace accident in Chinchilla yesterday morning which ended in tragedy, revealing that a man, in his mid thirties lost his life at the transport yard on Cooper Street.

Police said the victim was working to unload a large pipe by forklift when it fell and hit him, he died at the scene.

Workplace Health and Safety are investigating before handing over the case to Queensland Coroner for a full report.

Although we don’t have all the details about this incident as yet, one can’t help but think about the chain of responsibility (CoR) and whether the reasonable steps were taken by everyone in the supply to ensure that loads were safely loaded, transported and unloaded.

CoR laws aim to hold everyone in the supply chain equally responsible for breaches of the law. Changes are coming in 2018 which will make CoR laws align more closely with workplace health and safety laws. Source: