Western Victorian Roads Not Truck Worthy

Farmers in Victoria are drawing attention to the sad state of Western Victorian roads which they say are accidents waiting to happen.

While there’s no question of the need for trucks to be road worthy, farmers say roads also need to be truckworthy.

Farmer Ross Johns, Victorian Farmers Federation grains president says the road conditions through western Victoria are terrible with pot holes and large drop offs on the side of the roads.

He said both council managed and VicRoads roads in Western Australia was horrific, with the Wimmera Highway being horrifically bumpy.

Mr Johns said that despite what these roads deliver for the state’s economy, the infrastructure is not in place and are getting worse. Read more at https://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/news/national/western-victorian-roads-are-not-truck-worthy/news-story/2a5d64d7e6c53391e7d44ee07917f6e7