NSW Heavy Vehicle Safety Could be Enhanced by Addressing Safety Compliance Framework

A waste management company has called on the New South Wales government to strengthen its compliance and enforcement framework to boost heavy vehicle safety.

The StaySafe Committee, the NSW Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety is accepting submissions for an inquiry on heavy vehicle safety and use of technology to improve road safety.

A submission from JJ Richards, a waste management company called on government to launch a new strategy to ensure compliance with safety standards among heavy vehicle owners and operators.

The company said in its submission that  a compliance strategy could include the requirement for all companies to hold a ‘License’ to own and operate heavy vehicles and if they do not comply, the license can be revoked.

The company has a strong focus on IT, having designed and implemented its own telematics system to give an accurate record of compliance with driving regulations including compulsory breaks, site road rules, speeding and legal loading.  Read more at https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/industry-news/1802/call-for-nsw-safety-compliance-framework