Who is Responsible for Fines Over Spillages ?

Effluent being dropped by livestock hauliers has become an issue of contention with arguments breaking out over liability.

New South Wales has taken a firm stance on livestock carriers who drop small amounts of effluent, slapping them with $550 fines under the improper restraint clauses of the HVNL.

In the future we can expect effluent management systems for livestock hauliers however industry bodies like the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA)are looking to avoid this becoming national law by invoking the sharing of liability for effluent spillage within Chain of Responsibility legislation.

As hauliers outline, the livestock are owned by the client, therefore it’s their effluent.

The ALRTA has argued to the Queensland Parliamentary Transport and Utilities Committee that the application of CoR laws to effluent control must be clarified.

The Queensland Minister of transport has given the NTC within next 12 months to clarify the matter.

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