Attention Truck Drivers – Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen


Truck drivers spend most of their day in the sun, so regularly applying sunscreen is important if you want to avoid melanoma and other skin related diseases.

In a recent study conducted by the University of Sydney it was revealed that Australians between 18 and 40 years old who used sunscreen regularly in their childhood had a reduced risk of developing melanoma, compared to those who barely used it.In fact using sunscreen in childhood reduced the risk of melanoma by 40 per cent.

The study was a world first, because it evaluated the link between sunscreen use and melanoma risk in young people under the age of 40.

The study showed that regular sunscreen users were more likely to have had a strong history of blistering sunburn, however we shouldn’t only use sunscreen if we suffer from severe sunburn.

The researchers found that sunscreen should be applied regularly in both childhood and adulthood whenever the UV Index is 3 or above to reduce skin cancer and melanoma risks.