NSW Truck Blitz Results in 9 Defect Notices

Source: Herald Sun

A five hour heavy vehicle inspection by a joint NSW taskforce, resulted in 5 infringement notices and nine defect notices being issued for a number of offences.

The inspection, dubbed Operation Carter took place at Mount Ousley, New South Wales recently, with 21 trucks and trailers being inspected.

The taskforce included NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) inspectors.

Two of the seven inspected electronic speed limiter downloads were found to be non-compliant.

Truck and dog heavy vehicles travelling on the Princes Highway between 9am and 2pm were the target of the blitz with problematic vehicles being taken to the Unanderra heavy vehicle inspection station for further examination.

The inspection was as a result of a number of truck crashes in Mount Ousley over the past 2 months and police have promised to continue with these operations to ensure heavy vehicles are compliant.

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