Self Driving Trucks – A Help or a Threat?

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Will self-driving trucks be a threat or a help to the road freight industry?

If you’ve been fearful of the introduction of self-driving trucks to the industry, you may want to read the article on about research done by Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group.

The research shows that self-driving trucks will result in more trucking jobs, complimenting trucking, not endangering it.
As Uber explains, drivers do a lot more work than just driving, some tasks that wouldn’t be able to be accomplished by robots.
Also Uber doesn’t believe that self-driving trucks will be doing dock to dock deliveries for a long time but will instead transfer goods between hubs where human drivers will then take over for the end of the journey through more complex terrain.
The efficiency that autonomous trucks will provide will also mean more goods are transported via road freight, which Uber says will result in more jobs. See more at