Truck Hits into Power Pole

Trucks have been warned to beware of  power poles after a semi-trailer traveling along Murringo Road/Whiteman Ave crashed, causing a power pole to fall.

A witness said there was a loud bang and the power lines shook. The witness arrived at the scene to find the power pole snapped in half and hanging with at least one line on the ground.

Police were called to the scene and arrived soon after the incident.

Officers said the B-Double was traveling west along Whiteman Avenue when the driver approached a bridge where vehicles were slowing to give way to traffic. The driver of the truck braked, at which time the trailer kicked out or jack-knifed colliding with the power pole.

The trailer was damaged and the police issued the driver with an infringement notice. The truck was also found to be defected and a Roads and Maritime Service Inspection was conducted. A witness also remembered hearing the truck “flying down the road” and then a loud bang before the powerlines started to shake.

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