Australian Trucking Association Calls for Mandatory Stability Control for Trucks

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has called for mandatory electronic stability control (ESC) for heavy trucks, a move it says would save lives on our roads.

The ATA has urged federal government to mandate ESC for heavy vehicles in response to the Infrastructure Department’s regulatory impact statement (RIS).

The RIS proposed that ESC be mandated for new prime movers over 12 tonnes and new trailers more than 10 tonnes in weight. Under these proposed changes, ESC would not need to be fitted to new rigid trucks.

But the ATA’s submission wants government to mandate stability for all new trucks and trailers including rigid tricks, with only a few exceptions.

The ATA says its approach would stop 1496 serious injuries and save 148 lives – more than the RIS approach.

The ATA approach would cost businesses an additional $117 million over many years and across the industries that buy new trucks, a small price to pay in relation to the safety benefits, the association says.


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