Ulmarra Residents Had Enough of Small Number of Rogue Operators

Source: Pixabay.com

Residents of Ulmarra, NSW have had enough of deliberate, heavy compression braking and the blasting of airhorns in the middle of the night by a small number of rogue truck drivers.

A campaign was started a few months ago encouraging all drivers to slow down as there is a sharp, dangerous bend of the Pacific Highway in the village. An accident seems to take place there every few months. Due to the campaign, some truck drivers, thinking they were being singled out began to retaliate.

A resident said between 11pm and 6am, the village is subjected to very heavy compression braking, acceleration and then braking along with air horns being blasted.

New South Wales Police Force Traffic and Highway Patrol chief inspector Philip Brooks demanded an end to the behaviour and  said he would ask Roads and Maritime Safety to consider registration and licence suspension given the “community safety risk” the actions of these truck drivers posed on the roads.

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