A Few Things That Only Happen in a Truck Drivers Life

No matter where you go in the world, there are a couple of things that only a truck driver will understand, and that most truckies have in common.

Light motor vehicle drivers probably aren’t aware of these secrets of the road,

  • They communicate with headlights. If truck drivers are traveling at night, they don’t have time to send a CB radio warning to another truckie, so they use their lights to communicate. A flashing of the headlights could signal to an approaching truck that there’s an obstacle in the road ahead, police, road works or even traffic ahead.
  • The Truck can be Your Home.

It may seem obvious when you think about it, but many people don’t realize that for truckers, their truck is their mobile home on the road. It would be way too expensive to stay overnight in motels, especially when you can park up for free and sleep in your cab. Older trucks may only have a simple mattress in the back, but if employers have splashed out on a newer, more expensive model, eighteen wheeler cabs can sometimes have small kitchen areas, a place to sit, and even a bathroom – much better than sharing the washroom at trucking parking lots!

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  • The Job is High Risk. Truck driving has been identified as the most high-risk profession in Australia. Not only is it dangerous, it can be unhealthy – given the amount of time spent sitting. In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’, ranked trucking the seventh most dangerous profession in the country. Not all truck driver fatalities and injuries occur on the road, sometimes drivers are injured while loading or unloading or when walking across busy work sites.
  • Tailgating is another major concern.

Tailgating is definitely the most annoying thing drivers can do on the road. Driving too close to the vehicle in front of you is not only rude and intimidating, but it is also potentially dangerous, in the event that they have to come to a sudden halt. That potential danger is only heightened if you decide that you want to try tailgating a truck. Not only does this not leave enough room to come safely to a halt, but because of where the mirrors are located on the larger trucks, drivers can often not even see small cars which are tucked in right behind their rear bumper.

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