Industry Pleased with Australian Taxation Office (ATO’s) Decision To Reverse Take On Drivers’ Meal Expenses

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The Australian Taxation Office has decided to reverse its take on drivers’ meal expenses, a move that has been welcomed by the trucking industry and the Transport Workers Union.

It is believed around 38,000 truck drivers will benefit from the changes.

The industry has called on the federal government to intervene to ensure the “unacceptable” tax changes would not be reintroduced in the future.

Australian Road Transport Industry Association (ARTIO) secretary and treasurer Peter Anderson said the money will enable drivers to afford to buy healthy food when on the road, instead of opting for the cheaper, unhealthier fast food options.

He and National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) CEO Warren Clark welcomed the ATO’s decision and commended its “common sense” approach.

Anderson also highlighted that the changes would reduce financial pressure on truck drivers and their families. See more at