Truck Driver Admits to Road Rage Incidents

A Melbourne truck driver has admitted to a number of road rage attacks across the city and pleaded guilty in the Melbourne Magistrates Court to 15 charges stemming from the incidents.

The charges against 28 year old Elten Gevergizyan related to 3 separate assaults which took place in May this year.

In one incident he tailgated a couple traveling in their car near the Hume Freeway at Epping before side-swiping the vehicle. When the couple stopped to swap insurance details, the truck driver bashed then with a basebale bat.

In another incident he tailgated 2 women and when they pulled over his used a hammer to smash their car windows. He also pushed one of the women to the ground.

In a third incident in 3 days the truckie ran a woman off the road, leaving her traumatized.

The driver who made no bail application had previous told the court he was withdrawing from use of the drug ice.

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