FatigueHack Competition Won by Smart Steering Wheel

The Augmented Intelligence Team recently won the Australian Trucking Association’s FatigueHACK event with it’s Smart Steering Wheel which monitors drivers’ heartrate through ECG devices, this way instead of a driver getting too tired to drive and having to push through it until they find a place to park, they will get a warning 30 minutes in advance that they will reach that level of fatigue. This will allow them to better plan what to do and stop for a break before they reach this level.

Augmented Intelligence is a group made up of entrepreneurs and health clinicians from Canberra and Brisbane. By winning the award they will not only receive a cash prize – $6,000, they also have the right to work the idea through with the CBR Innovation Network over the next year. Find out more https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/industry-news/1804/smart-steering-wheel-takes-fatigue-prize