Judge Describes Dubbo Crash Truck Driver as Dangerous

A judge has described a truck driver who crashed into several parked cars on the Newell Highway near Dubbo in January as “dangerous” and denied him bail.

The 50 year old driver of the semi-trailer was refused a second bail application by Justice Richard Button who referred to the “death and devastation” that followed the crash. He also highlighted the driver’s history of breaching the rules of the road.

A 19 year old occupant of one of the cars and her 21 year old boyfriend died in the crash.

The driver claimed he may have fallen unconscious before the crash, he also gave conflicting accounts of the events that led to the crash also saying it could have been caused by brake failure or a coughing fit.

The driver had at least 20 driving infringements in NSW and Queensland and had had his licence suspended at least once in the past.  See more http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-02/truck-driver-in-dubbo-fatal-refused-second-bail-application/9502442