Truck Drivers Slam Supermarket Giant for Outrageous Hours

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The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has lashed out at supermarket giants who put pressure on drivers to speed, skip breaks and ignore the rules of the road.

The union says supermarket giant Aldo is to blame for the “slaughter” of truck drivers because they’re forcing drivers into long and dangerous driving hours.

Union spokesperson Tony Sheldon said the companies that are pressurizing drivers are to blame for the increased number of road fatalities nationwide.

He also accused the company of compromising safety due to low-cost contracts that caused drivers to take extreme risks and endanger their lives in order to meet deadlines. Mr Sheldon said that because drivers weren’t getting the appropriate rest breaks, they are driving fatigued.

Aldi says the union had failed to substantiate its claims with supporting evidence.

Hundreds of truck drivers and supporters recently protested outside Aldi stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, pushing for safer working practices. Find out more