Possible investigation on the cards after speed tampering incident

Authorities may pursue a transport company after one of its trucks allegedly had a tampered ECM.

Police in New South Wales intend on linking up with their Victorian counterparts to potentially investigate a trucking company after one of its drivers was caught in Moree on suspicion of speed tampering.

NSW Police claims the Victorian-based truck driver’s vehicle had a tampered engine control module to allow it to travel up to 162km/h.

The driver was pulled over on the Newell Highway at Moree as part of Operation Austrans, which is an annual operation targeting the heavy vehicle industry.

“This truck has been grounded by the roadside, and the operator will now have to send another truck to pull the load away,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith says.

“Given this truck is registered and operated interstate, we will be in contact with our counterparts in Victoria Police for the benefit of determining whether or not any further action is warranted on the fleet involved.”

The driver was previously handed a speeding infringement on May 27 for allegedly travelling 113km/h on the same highway.

“Those owners and operators that tamper with speed limiters run a very great risk to their drivers, other road users, and most significantly, their businesses,” Smith says.