This Driver Got a Work Diary Exemption, Find out How

Caption: Driver Graeme Spillman with Work Diary

Graeme Spillman (pictured above) suffers from mild dyslexia which caused him to make errors on his work diary, errors which he was fined for. This became a stress to Spillman and caused him to become fed up.

The 54 year old truck driver was well used to managing his fatigue but wasn’t fairing as well with his work diary. When an officer noticed an experienced truck driver such as Spillman was having issues, he explained to him about a possible work diary exemption issued by the NHVR.

The exemption is beneficial to anyone with literacy or print media impairments.

Mr Spillman obtained a medical certificate from a doctor explaining his difficulties which led to him obtaining a work diary exemption permit from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

Could you too  be exempt?

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