Tailgating Led VicRoads to Pull Truck Speed Limit Trail

A rise in tailgating has led VicRoads to pull the 90km speed limit trial for trucks on Melbourne’s Monash Freeway.

VicRoads said it will focus on the second stage of the trial which includes a ban on trucks in the far right lane, as soon as the scheduled upgrades are completed.

VicRoads Chief Executive John Merritt said the trial had taught them a lot and helped the department work with the industry to improve speed compliance on the Monash Freeway.

According to preliminary trial evaluation, in certain sections cars are more agrressive than trucks when it comes to tailgating. The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) found 42.66%  of cars exceeding 100km/h in the right hand lane.

During the trial, 831 fewer trucks drove in the right hand lane a day, on average.

VicRoads appealed to all roadusers to stop tailgating and help improve road safety.

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