Study Shows Recycled Tyres Good for The Environment

If you aren’t yet recycling your truck’s tyres, here’s some motivation for you to start doing so. Research has emerged from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) revealing that recycled tyres have the potential to form an emissions-reducing bio-oil.

Mechanical engineers have found the oil produced from a new tyre recycling technology process can be mixed with diesel in small percentages to minimise the particle mass emissions from the engine without sacrificing performance.

Tyre recycling company Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) together with QUT engineers have been engaged in ongoing testing with the company having come third in the US International Edison Awards for the way it disposed of old consumer and truck tyres.

The company breaks down tyres into oil, carbon and steel. The company uses oil produced at their facility as a power source. Their recycling process recovers 4kg of carbon, 1.5kg of steel and 4 litres of oil from a recycled 10kg car tyre.