Vic Truckie Facing Charges After Fleeing Crash Scene

crash scene


The Glenlg highway was closed after a serious crash earlier this month. The driver of the truck involved in the crash who was originally feared to be dead was actually hiding in a shed nearby.

Police have charged the Victorian truck driver after he fled the scene of the fatal crash and hid in a shed about 16 km away.

A four wheel drive and a semi-trailer collided in the crash near Hamilton during which the young driver of the 4WD was killed. The passenger of the 4WD sustained critical head injuries after being trapped in the vehicle.

On  impact, the truck burst into flames and the cabin was alight when fire crews arrived.

Although the driver of the truck was originally presumed dead, a farmer discovered him in his shed the following day suffering from burns.

The man was charged with failure to stop and failing to render assistance at the scene.