Truckies with Big Hearts deliver Hay to Drought Affected Qld

Big hearted truck drivers have given up their own time to deliver hay to farmers in central Queensland in the wake of the drought.

The truckies have donated of their time and resources to deliver hay to farmers affected the drought in an initiative organised by Brendan Farrell.

The Burrumbuttock Hay Runners transported hay to drough affected Queensland proving to be ‘a lifeline for the bush’.

The theme of the hay run was also fittingly Australian – boxing kangaroos, Aussie flags and Aussies.

According to the article on drivers came from all over Australia to deliver over 5000 bales of hay donated to farms in drought-affected Queensland. The convoy was made up of 124 trucks, taking off at Darlington Point in NSW on January 7th.

An additional 5 trucks joined the convoy of 119 at Cunnamulla to deliver hay some 1820km to Ilfracombe in Queensland.