ATA Changes TruckCare Name

First Operator Accredited under NHVR Livestock Fatigue Management Scheme

The ATA has changed the name of its animal welfare component currently known as TruckCare, to be renamed the Animal Welfare Module.

According to the national manager, Justin Fleming, this is to align with the overall focus of the TruckSafe module.

He explained that the new name better reflects the module’s focus, which is about animal welfare. It relates to quality and safety management for small and large livestock transport businesses.


He also said that operators’ accreditation shows they are committed to best practice and to their clients.

The Animal Welfare Module is the voluntary sixth step in gaining full accreditation, the first five standards are:


  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • On-road Compliance
  • Fitness for Duty and Driver Health


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