Truckies Lambasted for Continuously Hitting Footscray Bridge

If you don’t heed the 28 warning signs on the approach to the Napier Street Bridge in Footscray regarding maximum height, perhaps flashing red warnings might do the trick.

The bridge has been struck more than 70 times in the past 12 years.

The high-tech warning system, costing $1.2 million installed at the bridge in Melbourne’s west will hopefully stop trucks crashing into it, which has caused massive destruction in the past, threatening the structural integrity of the bridge and disrupting the trains on the Werribee line.

Trucks over the height limit will trigger flashing lights and the stop lights will turn red to prevent the truck from going ahead.

Roads Minister Luke Donnellan said the new system was needed in addition to the 28 height warning signs because if drivers still crash into the bridge, they would have gone through red lights and would be deliberately ignoring all warnings, they will undoubtedly be charged accordingly.



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