Truckie Accused of Driving Dangerously Denies Allegation

Following a fatal crash in January 2017 in which mother of 6, Jennifer Azizi was killed, the truck driver responsible is facing dangerous driving charges.

The driver is on trial at the moment, with the jury having just heard an hour-long police interview with the truck driver who said he swerved out of the way to avoid something coming towards him, which is when he hit into the woman.

Video footage tells a different story, with no oncoming vehicle seen, which would require the driver to swerve. The CCTV footage refuting his story was played by police for the driver.

The driver insisted that he did not see the woman standing on the driver’s side.

He also denies driving dangerously. The driver was not speeding, was not intoxicated and wasn’t using a mobile phone at the time.

The trial is ongoing.