SA Transport Minister Warns of Offences Hike on South Eastern Freeway

The South Australian government has warned of new offences and penalties that will become effective on May 1st, 2019 for heavy vehicle drivers who are detected driving unsafely on the down-track of the South Eastern Freeway.

Related businesses are also implicated with new penalties introducing a substantial increase in the body corporate levy that will apply to businesses that fail to nominate the driver responsible for a camera-detected speeding offence on that particular section of freeway. The levy increases to $25,000 from $300.

In addition, drivers of trucks and buses who are caught committing low gear and speeding offences by 10km/h or more but less than 20km/h could receive a 6 month licence suspension, loss of 6 demerit points and an expiation fee of $1,036. In the past only an ‘expiation fee’ of $364 and $379 and 3 demerit points were applicable for the same offences.

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