How To Reduce Truck Fatalities

Summer has been a devastating time on the roads especially for the trucking industry with an alarming number of truck crashes taking place.

Over the past decade we’ve experienced a drop in fatal crashes involving trucks but in the last few months there seems to have been a resurgence of truck crashes ending in fatalities particularly in New South Wales.

An interesting post on gave us some ideas from industry stakeholders about how to improve heavy vehicle safety including the points of view of a truck driver, an industry leader and an industry expert.

The truck driver, with more than 40 years experience under his belt believes that educating other drivers to be more aware around trucks is the most important aspect of reducing truck crashes.

The industry leader, head of the Toll group said there were too many inconsistencies between states with speed limits, fatigue laws and blood alcohol levels.

The industry expert, believes like the industry leader that drivers are driving for too long and for too little pay.

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