NHVR Scorecard Reveals Industry Acheivements

In March the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) released its first quarterly performance scorecard at the ATA’s national conference. The report highlighted the hard work put in by the regulator and its stakeholders in delivering the desired outcomes for the benefit of the industry.

Sal Petroccitto, NHVR Chief Executive speaking at Trucking Australia 2015 in Hobart earlier in the year said the scorecard was an indication of the acheivements made by the NHVR over the past 9 months. He attributed the success to strong industry and government partnerships.

Mr Petroccitto was quoted in a post on the NHVR’s website stating,

“We listened closely over the past year to what our customers want, made the necessary improvements to our business and now the results speak for themselves,” said Mr Petroccitto.

“For example, we made significant changes to how access applications are submitted and assessed, with the result that 90% of valid permit applications are now delivered to state and local government road managers within one business day.

“This helps reduce the overall time taken to issue a permit and get vehicles on the road sooner,” Mr Petroccitto said.

Source: www.nhvr.gov.au

ATA Chief Executive Chris Melham also took the opportunity to commend Mr Petroccitto and his team on the success acheived from hard work at the grassroots level. He mentioned in particular their communication and listening to customers and stakeholders, resulting in positive outcomes just 12 months down the line.

He was also congratulatory about the NHVR’s transparency, even posting their performance publicly.

“I commend the NHVR on their willingness to post their performance publicly and be held accountable for improvements in safety, productivity and service standards,” Mr Melham said.

Source: https://www.nhvr.gov.au/news/2015/03/20/nhvr-scorecard-ticks-the-right-boxes-for-industry

The performance snapshot is a reflection of the hard work put in by NHVR staff, state road transport agencies, local governments and industry associations in identifying and prioritising the most pertinent issues, according to Mr Petroccitto. He was pleased that we now have clear direction on the desired outcomes we would like to see over the next year and beyond.

Mr Petroccitto goes on to explain:

“And to make sure we continue to get it right for our customers, we have strengthened our Industry Reference Forum and established four dedicated operator groups.  We also deal directly with heavy vehicle owners and drivers everyday over the phone, by email and in person at workshops and forums across the country.

“This performance snapshot can give industry confidence that we are working together today for a stronger, safer industry tomorrow,” said Mr Petroccitto.

Source: https://www.nhvr.gov.au/news/2015/03/20/nhvr-scorecard-ticks-the-right-boxes-for-industry

The article on NHVR’s website went on to state some of the performance highlights of the snapshot including the implementation of 47 new access notices to decrease the initial demand for access permits.

Another high point was the 554 pre-approvals to facilitate “last mile” access on local council roads with 156 of these already lodged for gazettal to also remove the requirement for operators to obtain permits.

Another major acheivement is that 90 per cent of the valid permit applications are delivered to road managers within one business day and 93 per cent of NHVAS requests are now resolved within 10 business days.

There have also been a reduction in the number of documents truckies need to carry in their cab.