NSW Reminds Drivers of Shared Road Safety Responsibility

A B-Double livestock truck rolled after an incident involving a 4WD towing a caravan and has prompted a safety message by Transport for NSW about the shared responsibility of road safety.

The collision which took place on February 10, left a truck driver trapped in his cab before being rescued and taken to hospital in a stable condition.

Reports said 23 or 46 livestock being transported were killed in the crash.

It is believed the 4WD towing a caravan, side swiped the truck.

This incident prompted comments on social media highlighting the problematic relationship shared by caravan owners and trucks on the road.

Witnesses say in this incident the caravan swiped the truck and caused it to flip and lose control.

Authorities made the ‘Be Truck Aware’ message as a response, noting that trucks are bigger and have bigger blind spots. They also require more time to slow down than other vehicles. Motorists were warned to avoid merging in front of trucks or unexpectedly stepping in front of trucks to cross the road.

We all have a shared responsibility on the road to ensure safety and with more and more trucks on the road, its a message motorists will have to heed.

Source: https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/industry-news/1902/b-double-rollover-reinforces-truck-awareness-message