West Gate Tunnel Environment Report Says 24 Hour Ban on Trucks in Inner West to Be Extended

The Victorian planning minister Richard Wynne recently signed off on the environmental effects statement (EES) for the West Gate Tunnel (WGT) project which plans to cut congestion by taking 9300 trucks off residential roads.

In a post on Fullyloaded.com.au some of the criticisms facing the project were discussed particularly relating to residential developments around the port.

The report said the project would allow the state government to extend the 24 hour ban on trucks in the inner west.

It also said that once the project is operational, tolling will be implemented with the tolling structure still under development.

“The tolling structure is still under development but it may include West Gate Freeway tolled for heavy commercial vehicles via two tolling points: one proposed between Grieve Parade and Millers Road and the other proposed between Millers Road and Williamstown Road, with these points tolling trucks for either Hyde Street ramps or the tunnel.

“Light commercial vehicles and cars would be tolled as they access the tunnel or on the Hyde Street ramps. A city access toll point would be located on the ramps to Dynon Road, Footscray Road and Wurundjeri Way and would apply for eastbound cars in the AM peak only.

“Final toll prices, and structure, are still subject to negotiations through the Department of Treasury and Finance’s Market Led Proposal process.”

Read more at https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/industry-news/1711/west-gate-tunnel-environment-report-released

The construction process would impact the area considerably. The plan includes the following,

  • The port, CityLink and city connections will include a crossing of the Maribyrnong River, connections to the Port of Melbourne, connections to the CityLink and central city and an elevated road above Footscray Road.
  • The plan would also include connections to both sides of the Port of Melbourne via MacKenzie Road and Appleton Dock Road.
  • CityLink would provide inbound and outbound connections and connections to Footscray Road, Dynon Road as well as a widened Wurundjeri Way which would extend through to Dynon Road.
  • Wurundjeri Way would be lowered and V/Line stabling yards be relocated under the minister’s recommendations.

The government announced that it would work with residents on Millers Road, Brooklyn to reduce noise by installing double glazing to homes.

The minister also considered the health and safety of motorists in the tunnels and backed the EPA’s submission regarding filtration of tunnel ventilation emissions that they would not help improve air quality and so should be left out.

He called for further investigation of how to manage traffic issues in North and West Melbourne. Read more at https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/industry-news/1711/west-gate-tunnel-environment-report-released