NHVR Releases New B-Double Notice

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) released a new B-Double notice which came into effect on February 1st. The aim is to harmonise requirements for operators nationally.

The National Class 2 Heavy Vehicle B-double Notice is an update on the existing notice but with productivity improvements  for B-doubles. There are around 1900 B-Doubles operating across Australia, the regulator said.

The new notice aligns requirements for B-Doubles across states and territories including general access for 50-tonne, 19-metre vehicles – often used to transport fuel.

The notice signals an increase in mass for general access in South Australia from 42.5 tonnes to 50 tonnes. It also means general access in Tasmania  will remain for 21 metre B-Doubles.

The notice aligns B-double access with a three-axle rigid truck towing a four axle trailer.

It also provides general access bridge formulae for all general access B-Double operations.

Source: https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/industry-news/1901/nhvr-updates-bdouble-operating-requirements