NSW Police Operation Results in Drivers Being Charged

Late last year The South West Metro Region Highway Patrol, together with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) embarked on Operation Kamyon targeting “heavy vehicle safety, compliance, load restraint”.

NSW Police intercepted 124 vehicles (83 trucks and 41 trailers) and escorted them back to RMS sites for inspection.

During the inspection, 195 breath tests were issued and 36 oral fluid tests were conducted, which thankfully yielded no positive returns for drugs or alcohol. Another good outcome was that 6 engine control module downloads were conducted and all were found to be compliant.

There were however 41 defect notices issued and 7 infringement notices relating to load restraint breaches, vehicle standards breaches and work diary compliance.

Inspectors discovered 6 mass breaches.  Read more at https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/industry-news/1811/drivers-charged-after-operation-kamyon