Speeding Truckies Could Lose their Licence Under New SA Law

With proposed new laws truck drivers caught speeding on one of SA’s major road freight corridors will lose their license automatically and be slapped with harsher penalties which may include imprisonment.

The new legislation was recently outlined by Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan,which will affect 12,500 trucks that travel down the South Eastern Freeway each week.This is the major gateway from Adelaide to the eastern states.

Under the proposed laws, failure to use a low gear on the down- track of the South Eastern Freeway or ignoring to the speed limit will result in the loss of license for a minimum of 6 months and a $1000 fine for first time offenders.

Second time offenders will receive an automatic 12 month loss of license and for offenders on their third offence or more, a three year license loss will apply.

The courts will be given the powers to impose more serious penalties including a 12 month license disqualification for first time offenders and three years for second or subsequent offences as well as imprisonment for up to 2 years.


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