Thermal Imaging Camera Helps Reduce Animal Hits on The Road

A six month trial of a truck mounted thermal imaging camera has proven successful thus far in cutting the number of animal strikes occur on the road for one WA company.

An overnight express line haul company , Pala Pty Ltd, trading as Cochranes Cartage Contractors, had a thermal camera mounted to one of their trucks to reduce the number of animal strikes occurring.

The camera was mounted just above the steering wheel, allowing the drive to see the animals as white shapes and avoid a collision. Together with Avantgarde Distribution, the national authorised land distributor for FLIR Thermal Imaging, the company had a thermal camera installed that provides vision for more than 800 metres ahead of the vehicle without the need for a high beam light.

Preceding the trial, the company had experienced more than 10 animal strikes, costing the company thousands of dollars in damage every time.

It can be difficult to spot animals with many of them just jumping out in front of the vehicle. This is also distressing for drivers. The thermal cameras have proven effective in addressing this issue.