Truckies – More Fish in Your Diet Can Extend Your Life


It’s no secret that most truck drivers live a mostly sedentary lifestyle, spending long work days in a cab can mean no time to exercise and often eating junk food between truck stops.

A new study found that adding fish to your diet could reduce your mortality risk by up to 9 per cent, and add a significant number of years to your life.

The research which spanned 16 years, followed the lives of 240,729 men and 180, 580 women. The researchers found that diets higher in fish and long-chain omega 3s decreased total mortality. Men who ate fish experienced a 9 per cent lower mortality risk compared to those who didn’t.

It was also noted that people who ate fish had a 10 per cent less chance of developing cardiovascular disease, 6 per cent less of cancer,  20 per cent less chance of respiratory disease and 37 per cent less chance of chronic liver disease.

So make sure to get more fish in your diet if you want to extend your lifespan.