Working with Girl Guides to Boost Women Employment in Road Transport

Attracting women to traditionally “male” industries such as road transport has always been a challenge but female truck drivers are  working to change that.

Transport Women Australia (TWAL) is working with Girl Guides to change the way females see the trucking industry in the hopes of attracting more young women to the industry.

A shortage of truck drivers Australia-wide, as well as the prospect of equal pay has women in the transport industry hoping more females will join in.

The chair of TWAL, Jacquelene Brotherton, said young girls have become one of their focuses, trying to encourage more women to join Australia’s transport industry.

TWAL together with Girl Guides Australia has developed a ‘wheels’ achievement badge for the Guides, raising awareness about the industry and career opportunities for women.

The program seems to be working as some girls are already indicating a more positive view of trucks.

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