Probe Launched after Teenager Killed by Truck

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An earth moving company has been hit with more than a dozen defect notices after one of its trucks struck and killed a wheelchair bound teenage boy recently.

The 16 year old boy was hit by a truck at the Hornsby intersection of Peats Ferry Road and Bridge Road on Tuesday.

The tragic crash resulted in a police investigation involving a compliance audit of 24 trucks belonging to the company.As a result of the audit, police issued 2 major defect notices for speed limiter tampering and 11 minor notices for other problems.

Other companies and their owners can expect their fleet to be inspected if one of their trucks are involved in a crash, Assistant Police Commissioner Michael Corboy said.

The 62 year old truck driver involved in the crash was not injured and was transported to Hornsby Hospital where he underwent mandatory blood and urine testing.  Read more at