Fatigue Technology Pilot Conducted in Brisbane Port

Source: Pixabay.com

A 12 month pilot of ‘SmartCap’ (a fatigue monitoring technology) has commenced as part of The Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) and Port of Brisbane 2 year Heavy Vehicle Safety Around Ports project, supported by 6 transport companies.

The SmartCap technology is a headband mounted into a cap that measures fatigue by detecting changes to a driver’s electroencephalogram (EEG) – electrical activity in the brain. The technology provides accurate measurements of alertness in real-time to operators and drivers.

Sixty drivers are included in the trial from 6 transport companies.

The NHVR’s 2018/19 Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative Fund provided $302,000 in funding towards the project, supported by the federal government.

This year, as part of the two-year project, a health and well-being campaign will commence across the port precinct.

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