NSW Police Say Compliance Operations Having Positive Effects

Source: Pixabay.com

The recent spate of road transport compliance blitzes targeting truck drivers and companies is likely to continue after NSW Police cited these operations as a contributing factor to the reduction in heavy vehicle deaths.

The recent 48 hour Operation Northmore at 11 locations across the state involved more than 100 police officers and officers from Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

NSW Police told the media that it was their biggest operation to date with police issuing 7,309 random breath tests, conducting 1,535 mobile drug tests  (8 positives), detecting 130 fatigue (log book) offences, issuing 99 defects and 589 other infringement notices. They also downloaded 344 engine control modules, finding 20 non-compliant. 

RMS officers inspected 3878 heavy vehicles, detected 188 defects, 27 infringement notices, 4 formal warnings and 30 dimension breaches.

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